#MusicSermon & Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Celebrate LADIES FIRST: A STORY OF WOMEN IN HIP HOP

The SBLxSermon Challenge In August, Strong Black Lead and #MusicSermon partnered to celebrate Netflix’s Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop with a special 7 day music challenge to highlight women in rap through the culture’s history.

Want advice about getting into the industry? Read this first.

I often get DMs from people asking some variation of “How do I get into the music industry?” While I try to offer some level of direction and insight where I’m able, I’ll be honest that a lot of these requests are lazy and inappropriate. I recognize that sometimes that’s simply because people don’t know the best way to go about shooting their professional shot. So gather ’round, because I’m going to share some tips on the right way to approach professionals in the entertainment industry. Believe me, the internet might make things seem super casual, but if you’re serious about seeking help getting into the game, a bit of research, strategy, and respect can go a long way.  

The Black Godfather is a Lesson About Relationships

Netflix’s Clarance Avant documentary is a captivating look at the life and impact of the music industry architect, but it’s also a testimony to the power of connection. the core of his power and influence lay in his relationships.


Yo! was the first national program showcasing hip-hop music and artists. For many, it was their introduction to hip-hop, as well as their sole source of hip-hop education. The show helped push the genre into the mainstream and spread globally. It was fertile ground for content that had never before been seen or done.