Last year, we expanded our #BlackMusicMonth celebration to a full #BlackMusicSummer, and we’re doing it again this year.


You didn’t think we were gonna let Hip-Hop’s golden anniversary pass without recognition, did you? The #31DaysofHipHop50 challenge. is the same challenge energy y’all love, all focused on the hip-hop that influenced us. Join the challenge on IG or Twitter!

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There was such a passionate responses to the #BlackMusicMonthChallenge’s Favorite R&B Interludes prompt, I figure we should go ahead and just do a formal bracket. Plus, they deserve all the love and attention we give them! But those of you who’ve done #MusicSermon brackets before know they are seeded by popular vote, ’cause though I love you all madly, I ain’t trying to hear the “what about…” and “where is…” 

Around 600 of you made your voices heard and chose your top 32 interludes, preludes, intros, etc.. Download the bracket now, pass it around, and get your arguments for each round going!

Need help while you’re filling the bracket out? Use The Appetizers: A Playlist of R&B Intros and Interludes as a guide!


A Black MUSIC Summer requires a soundtrack, and we have playlists inspired by or in the same them of our challenge prompts and just summer vibes in general for you to enjoy!

Click on each individual cover for the Spotify and Apple Music links, or browse the entire catalogs below!

The Cookout Essentials
Get Your House in Order
The Interludes Playlist
You Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout This Here – The Slow Jams
You Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout This Here Vol II
Problematic R&B
Remembering the Remix
We Danced Hard AF in the ’90s
The Sexiest Songs You Know
The Blackest Songs You Know
Covers vs Originals
Cryin’ in the Club: Broken Up and Heartbroken R&B

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The Master Playlist Journal

A journal of 70 + writing prompts inspired by the #BlackMusicMonthChallenge

The #BlackMusicMonthChallenge

#MusicSermon’s version of Vacation Bible School is the annual #BlackMusicMonthChallenge. The community spends the month sharing our most beloved (and, during one disruptive day, least liked) music and the memories that music inspired.

Join in (or just follow along) via #MusicSermon’s IG or Naima’s Twitter. You can also download this year’s prompts plus the one from previous years below!

The Real Purpose of Black Music Month

We Usually Celebrate Our Groundbreaking and Game-changing Black Artists in June. On the 40th Anniversary, I Turned Towards the People Who Created the Culture and Shaped the Business I love #BlackMusicMonth for obvious reasons, as a music and culture lover, as a former Black Music executive and as music journalist. However, I’ve learned over the years that the foundations of the celebration are much deeper than what BMM has evolved to be today. To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Black Music Month in 2019, I wanted to highlight the initial mission and purpose. The idea of a…

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#MusicSermon’s Cookout Essentials

***PLAYLISTS AT THE END! It’s that time: After what feels like years of back and forth, we’re cautiously, but optimistically and longingly looking towards Summer! 🍗🍔🥃 We have officially reached the season of fellowship and breaking bread, again. Turning water into wine and feeding your entire neighborhood with loaves and (fried) fishes. Wayyyy back in the “before”, #MusicSermon examined the sonic components of a proper soundtrack for said fellowships: The Cookout Essentials. We added a second volume the following year, and finally have a third installment in the series. But first … let’s review: To keep order…

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