It recently came to my attention that there had not yet been a sermon specifically on New Jack Swing. Granted, #MusicSermon began with a thread about how we danced hard AF in the 90s. While that much of that was centered around New Jack Swing, it wasn’t all New Jack Swing. Then we went throughContinue reading “THE NEW (JACK SWING) TESTAMENT”

Bubble Coats, Leathers, Polo Boots & Timbs: NY BOOM BAP

One night, some followers and I had a brief convo about the hip hop sub-genre of Jeep Music. I started pulling up songs and videos, but was led in another direction (although there’s some overlap), to a super specific era & niche of rap music… Let’s call it Bubble Coat, Leathers, Polo Boots & TimbsContinue reading “Bubble Coats, Leathers, Polo Boots & Timbs: NY BOOM BAP”