#MusicSermon’s three central sermons from hip-hop’s Golden Age (late 80s — early 90s) ARTIST: Madina Design In preface to this Sermonic Trilogy I need to echo a point made it one of the sermons below, as it’s a through-line through not just all three of these conversations, but a key aspect to the growth of hip-hop overall: rap musicContinue reading “THE GOLDEN AGE OF HIP-HOP TRILOGY”


Shortly before #MusicSermon’s anniversary, we put out a call for your Top sermons over the first year. For the rest of the month, we’re counting down down the Top 11 based on your responses. #11: THE GOLDEN ERA of R&B/HIP-HOP COLLABS When hip-hop and r&b collabs first hit their stride, each genre brought a distinctContinue reading “#MUSICSERMON’S TOP 11”

Bubble Coats, Leathers, Polo Boots & Timbs: NY BOOM BAP

One night, some followers and I had a brief convo about the hip hop sub-genre of Jeep Music. I started pulling up songs and videos, but was led in another direction (although there’s some overlap), to a super specific era & niche of rap music… Let’s call it Bubble Coat, Leathers, Polo Boots & TimbsContinue reading “Bubble Coats, Leathers, Polo Boots & Timbs: NY BOOM BAP”