#MusicSermon’s Cookout Essentials

***PLAYLISTS AT THE END! It’s that time: After what feels like years of back and forth, we’re cautiously, but optimistically and longingly looking towards Summer! 🍗🍔🥃 We have officially reached the season of fellowship and breaking bread, again. Turning water into wine and feeding your entire neighborhood with loaves and (fried) fishes. Wayyyy back in theContinue reading “#MusicSermon’s Cookout Essentials”


Originally posted December 20th, 2017 If you read any bio about me, it’ll say some variation of “20-year industry veteran…” I’ve been in the entertainment industry my entire career, but it never would have happened without these three men: Ed Woods, Reggie Ossé aka Combat Jack, and Matt Middleton. I started in the combined lawContinue reading “OSSÈ & WOODS: REST IN POWER”

The 12 Days of Christmas Music Challenge

We’re ushering in the mood and spirit of the Holiday Season by sharing our yuletide faves. Last year, we held a congregational “Watchnight” service to celebrate soul holiday music. This year, we’re celebrating from now until Christmas Day with holiday songs that speak to us in various ways. You all had such a great timeContinue reading “The 12 Days of Christmas Music Challenge”


#MusicSermon’s three central sermons from hip-hop’s Golden Age (late 80s — early 90s) ARTIST: Madina Design In preface to this Sermonic Trilogy I need to echo a point made it one of the sermons below, as it’s a through-line through not just all three of these conversations, but a key aspect to the growth of hip-hop overall: rap musicContinue reading “THE GOLDEN AGE OF HIP-HOP TRILOGY”


Building from our earlier conversations about the beginnings of Conscious Hip-Hop and Gangsta Rap, we go back to the foundational days of hip-hop to look at the emcees still heralded as most influential and/or legendary. RAKIM and BIG DADDY KANE Starting with the two mc’s who changed the game with their lyricism and flow. LL COOL JContinue reading “THE GOLDEN ERA EMCEES”

FOR US, BY US: How Fox’s Answer to ‘Must See TV’ Validated Hip-Hop Culture

Fox’s Thursday night programming showcased the hip-hop generation in a new and necessary way. Throughout the ’80s and into the late ’90s, NBC owned Thursday nights. From the days when the Huxtables were part of America’s collective extended family until five Friends hung out in Central Perk, the network’s “Must See TV” was the undisputedContinue reading “FOR US, BY US: How Fox’s Answer to ‘Must See TV’ Validated Hip-Hop Culture”


Wherein We Give Robert Barisford Brown His Propers If you’ve followed me/ #MusicSermon for any significant amount of time you already know that I am unashamed of the gospel of Bobby Brown. I passionately evangelize about the kang…of stage. Bobby might be a punchline for drugs and bad behavior now, but your man ain’t pull WhitneyContinue reading “TAKE ME TO THE KING…OF R&B”