#MusicSermon is a storytelling series and content platform celebrating legacy soul, R&B and hip hop, created and curated by Naima Cochrane. The “ministry” grew from Naima’s viral weekly Twitter threads highlighting under-acknowledged and under-appreciated artists, moments and sub-genres primarily from the ’90s and earlier. Followers bonded over shared nostalgia and appreciation for lesser told stories that connect the dots between current music and culture and the foundations of the past.



  • The Comfort & the Fight

    The Comfort & the Fight

    #MusicSermon’s first two group-curated congregational playlists were created for this time. In early 2018, a half-joking Twitter convo that the administration was going to lead us into uncertain doom led to the creation of two playlists — really one playlist in two parts. Read more

  • Quaranstreaming


    Wondering what Black content is available to watch while you’re on COVID lock down? We got you. A friend asked me if I’d put together a list of Black movies available to stream, and I said of course! This is a non-exhaustive list. There are quite a bit more films — especially platform originals, and a host ofContinue… Read more



    #MusicSermon’s annual Springtime Music Showdown is still on and popping’! This year, it’s the BATTLE OF THE REMIXES! We resumed regular #MusicSermon services last weekend with a celebration of the real and true REMIX. Not these somebody-emailed-you-the-track-you-laid-you-verse-and-emailed-it-back joints, but the real and true, change the whole song, change the lyrics, up the energy, put fiftylemn peopleContinue… Read more

  • The Black Godfather is a Lesson About Relationships

    Netflix’s Clarance Avant documentary is a captivating look at the life of the music industry architect, but it’s also an illustration of the power of connection. If you haven’t already, I highly encourage and strongly urge you to watch The Black Godfather, Netflix’s doc on one of the most powerful black men in entertainment, ClarenceContinue… Read more

  • Soft & Warm…

    Soft & Warm…

    10PM — 2AM USED TO BE LIT How many of y’all have memories of cakin’ on the phone with your little boyfriend/girlfriend while you listened to the Quiet Storm? How many of us fell asleep to slow jams for the majority of our formative years? Through every change in urban music and urban radio — new formats, satellite, streaming, conglomeration — TheContinue… Read more

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