#MusicSermon is a storytelling series and content platform celebrating legacy soul, R&B and hip hop, created and curated by Naima Cochrane. The “ministry” grew from Naima’s viral weekly Twitter threads highlighting under-acknowledged and under-appreciated artists, moments and sub-genres primarily from the ’90s and earlier. Followers bonded over shared nostalgia and appreciation for lesser told stories that connect the dots between current music and culture and the foundations of the past.





    Gather ‘round, get a drank, grab your loved ones and get cozy for our #MusicSermon Christmas Sing Along Read more

  • Wonder Madness

    Wonder Madness

    This might be disrespectful, but I believe it’s a tribute to the prolific works of Steveland Morris, aka Stevie Wonder, and the wide range of music lovers he reaches. Read more

  • #BlackMusicMonth


    #MusicSermon celebrates Black music all year, but in June we put a little extra somethin’ on it. Celebrate Your Favorite Black Music all Month #MusicSermon’s version of Vacation Bible School is the annual #BlackMusicMonthChallenge. The community spends the month sharing our most beloved (and, during one disruptive day, least liked) music and the memories thatContinue… Read more

  • The Real Purpose of Black Music Month

    The Real Purpose of Black Music Month

    We Usually Celebrate Our Groundbreaking and Game-changing Black Artists in June. On the 40th Anniversary, I Turned Towards the People Who Created the Culture and Shaped the Business I love #BlackMusicMonth for obvious reasons, as a music and culture lover, as a former Black Music executive and as music journalist. However, I’ve learned over the yearsContinue… Read more

  • #MusicSermon’s Cookout Essentials

    #MusicSermon’s Cookout Essentials

    ***PLAYLISTS AT THE END! It’s that time: After what feels like years of back and forth, we’re cautiously, but optimistically and longingly looking towards Summer! 🍗🍔🥃 We have officially reached the season of fellowship and breaking bread, again. Turning water into wine and feeding your entire neighborhood with loaves and (fried) fishes. Wayyyy back in theContinue… Read more

  • Birthday in the Key of STEVIE

    Birthday in the Key of STEVIE

    Revisiting #MusicSermon’s tribute to one of our greatest living artists: few illustrations of Stevie’s wonder. Today is the birthday of one of our greatest national treasures, Mr. Stevland Morris. This isn’t a full Stevie sermon — I’ve been promising a revival-style look at hist music as some point — but a quick highlight of some of my favorite things aboutContinue… Read more

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