Y’all Ready to Argue? It’s Bracket Time!

Long time #MusicSermon congregants know we do our own version of #MarchMadness over here – with music brackets, of course!

Since we’re running back content from the last five years of #MusicSermon, we revisited the very first #MusicSermonMadness bracket – the 90s R&B Tourney. In fairness, I messed up the seeding the first time, so this year I let the congregation handle it by voting for Solo female artists, solo male artists, female (and female-led) groups and male groups.

I encouraged everyone to chose the acts that best represent the SOUND and FEEL of the 90s, using the following criteria:


(Group criteria is less stringent because there are fewer groups to choose from)

  • Debuted PRIOR to 1999.
  • Artists who were still recording and charting in the 1990s but transcend being defined by any one decade (Patti, Aretha, Gladys, Barry White, The Isleys, etc) are excluded.
  • As is #MusicSermon’s policy, artists who were global and megastars at the time (like Mariah, Whitney, Sade, Janet, Prince, Michael, etc) are excluded
  • #HeWhoShallNotBeNamed is also excluded. While his contribution to the genre is undeniable, I don’t want people to get distracted from the bracket by having a convo about whether he should have been included on the bracket. 

The voter turnout was real, and the bracket is HERE (while it’s still March…whew).

Download, share, debate, turn it into a game, ENJOY! Most importantly, share your brackets with the #MusicSermon family either by tagging me (@naima) on Twitter or @musicsermon on IG with #MusicSermonMadness!

Want more?

Download some of #MusicSermon’s previous brackets HERE

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