26 Years Later, “Up Jumps Da Boogie” is Still a Party

Missy Elliott tweeted today that “Up Jumps Da Boogie,” from Timbaland and Magoo’s Welcome to Our World, will turn 26 this year.

Welcome to Our World was part of the Blackground catalog re-released in 2021 after 20 long years being withheld from streaming and out of physical production. I had the honor of working with the Empire Records team on marketing strategy for the releases (I mean honor – how many people get to be part of introducing music that already shaped their lives to new audiences?), and realized “Up Jumps…” was the perfect primer on the Superfriends collective – it’s also still A BOP.

So we did an old school pop-up-style joint!

I owe the entire Superfriends a proper post and tribute, but for now, revisit the #MusicSermons on Missy & Tim as an introduction!




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