We need to talk about Uptown Records, because the legacy is worthy, but doesn’t get nearly enough love.

Uptown was founded in 1986 by Andre Harrell, formerly of the rap group Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and it took a couple of years to find its groove. The original label kicked off with female rap duo Finesse & Synquis, Marley Marl, Groove B. Chill, and Heavy D & the Boyz.

Heavy D & the Boyz – the act Dre built the label around – quickly became the break out stars. We’re gonna come back to Heavy a few times, because he’s the Peter of the Church of Uptown.

Before Biggie boasted about pulling ladies despite his size, the Overweight Lover from the Money Earnin’ was outchea killing ’em. Also, THE FASHIONS.

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