For Aretha

The range and depth of the Queen of Soul through her performances and music.

Aretha was given the moniker “Queen of Soul” relatively early in her career, and carried it for more than five decades. One of the most-charted female artists of all time, one of the highest-selling artists of all time, and the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Franklin is a musical legend by any definition. But you didn’t need to rack up the stats to prove her status, you could see it in her performances. For Vox, I talked about the incredible performances over the course of her career that explained why Aretha was a legend.


In addition to her outsized talent, Aretha was also one of the most masterful purveyors of shade to grace the earth, and it’s not only not disrespectful, but absolutely essential to also honor that part of her. I wrote about some of her most legendary moments for Vibe.

In fact, it was Aretha’s infamous beefs with so many of her contemporaries that inspired the AUNTIE DIVAS sermon series. Revisit Aretha’s chapter HERE.


People tend to go straight to Aretha’s biggest hits when remembering/memorializing her, but Aretha had range…She had grit, she had the whole foundations of the black church all up and through her voice, she had pain, she had lust, she had rawness. The songs that give you all that — those are my favorite Aretha joints.


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