The Auntie Divas

Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Natalie Cole all had thriving careers through multiple music evolutions, including strong comebacks and pop hits in their 40s. A look at how they defied career expectations and industry norms.

PT I: Aretha, Dionne, Patti and Gladys

There have always been rumors of Auntie Re’s rivalries with her contemporaries. In addition to their individual careers, we look at how and where they intersected with and impacted each other.

PT II: Diana, Natalie and Tina

Diana’s rumored fueds and petty antics are legendary, as well. The blueprint for girl-group lead turned solo superstar, Diana is one of the few in the Auntie Diva collective to thrive during the disco era. Natalie is a Jr Auntie, but still had an incredibly impactful early career and tremendous later-life comeback. Auntie Tina’s solo career STARTED in her 40s, and she didn’t retire until her 70s.


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