#MusicSermon has endeavored to break down which subgenres of R&B apply to which situations and circumstances.

PROBLEMATIC R&B — We like to complain that modern music has lost the love, but when was the last time you really listened to 80s and 90s R&B? Adultery was a whole R&B genre.

BEGGIN’ ASS R&B — What music does have now is too much pride. There was a time you didn’t mind crying in public until your baby came back. Or standing in the desert in some leather ‘fits.

BYE, ASHY R&B — R&B ain’t all about love and despair. Sometimes it’s “F*ck you,” set to a soulful melody. You might make a joyful noise as you’re telling someone their season or reason is a wrap.

ADORATION R&B — Sometimes a love song is just a love song. A pure expression of adoration and/or commitment. These are the looooooove love songs.

R&B LOVE ON THE FRINGES: CURVIN’ & DIRTY MACKIN’ — For the love that ain’t yours, but you’re trying to get to by any means…or get away from you by any means.


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